Black can be minimalist and generous, or it can be a niche personality

Home, like people, can be defined in any style, and can be free and unrestrained by any style.


"Very individual, likes to collect and read books, has a breath of life but does not want to follow the trend and love the aesthetics of the niche." This is the first impression left by the owner of this house.


In terms of design and modeling, a large amount of micro-cement and walnut-colored wooden floor with steel brush texture are used. The two materials with rich natural texture hope to create a feeling closer to nature.


The original restaurant was relatively small, so the four-bedroom was changed to three-bedroom, the restaurant was enlarged and a western kitchen and water bar were added, and the black wooden blinds brought a touch of Western feeling.


The master bedroom is in the form of an ensuite. The shower area is separated from the toilet area. The bathroom uses PVC blinds, which are waterproof and mildew-proof. At the same time, the living room space is borrowed to make a cloakroom to increase the storage and storage in the house.


Post time: Jul-15-2022
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