Characteristic of paulownia

The material quality of paulownia wood is very special, very suitable for a wide range of applications. Compared with other woods, Paulownia has the following 8 unique characteristics:

• Lightweight but tough
As one of the lightest woods on earth, it is about 40% lighter than other woods. On the other hand, its toughness is also very good. Lightness and toughness are the main advantages of paulownia wood, so it can be used to make aircraft models, precision instrument shells, etc.

• Does not bend, does not warp and maintains its shape
Compared with other woods, paulownia wood has the characteristics of “not bending, not warping and maintaining its shape”. Environmentally friendly fan blades and furniture made of paulownia wood are favored by the market, and no other wood can replace them.

• Moisture and moisture proof
Paulownia wood has the characteristics of moisture resistance and moisture resistance, and can still maintain good condition after dyeing. It is a high-grade material for passenger ships and passenger car linings, air transportation and water transportation boxes.

• Fire resistance
The thermal conductivity of paulownia wood is lower than other types of wood. The burning point of other woods is about 270 degrees Celsius, while the burning point of paulownia wood is as high as 425 degrees Celsius. During the seeding process, paulownia is not easy to ignite spontaneously. In addition, it can be used as a material for high temperature resistant wooden products.

• Wearable
Paulownia wood is very light, but not easy to wear. The bellows (an ancient combustion appliance of China) made of paulownia wood is not easy to be worn out even though milled back and forth by the pull rod.

• Beautiful texture, bright color
The texture of paulownia wood is fine, the brightness of spinning and the natural pattern are good. It is an ideal material for expensive furniture, stationery and sports equipment.

• Easy to carved and dyed
Paulownia wood is easy to carve and dye, not easy to split, the wood quality is soft, suitable for processing, carving and dyeing. It is a special material for high-quality paper and handicrafts.

• Air-tight and worm-resistant diet
In the daily life of Chinese people, it is customary to use paulownia wood containers to store grains, which will protect grains from moisture, mold and worms for a long time.

Post time: Jan-28-2021
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