Simplicity brings freedom, and curtains bring new life to the home

The choice of curtain color should be coordinated, and its color tone and texture should be coordinated with the furniture of the room, the decoration style of the room, and the interior walls, floors and ceilings to form a unified and harmonious overall beauty. Now simple curtains are also very popular. In this issue, I will share with you why simple curtains are becoming more and more popular.

1. Simple and stylish

The pattern selection of the curtains should not be too complicated, the white backing should be kept neat, the taupe will show the light and luxurious temperament, and the simple design will maximize the functionality.

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2. Classic Serenity

Black and white color matching is the simplest and most classic, the whole space is elegant and intellectual, and the extensive use of black is to balance the color of the space.

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3. Elegant and light luxury

Gold is added to the space to bring a gorgeous atmosphere. The curtains are consistent with the pattern of the bedding and the bag, and the colors are connected into a line to maintain the integrity of the line of sight. Purple highlights the luxury and elegance.

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4 .Fresh and romantic

If you want a natural and fresh effect, choose the most appropriate combination of blue and green, and the delicate girl powder adds a soft and dreamy look.

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5. Lively and warm

Simple and bright color matching, starting from the ordinary, and finally not simple.

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From the simple and natural life, you can taste different tastes, and in the real environment of material desire, you have unlimited spiritual freedom, a suitable curtain.

Post time: Jul-28-2022
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