Window decoration and sunshade, combined with intelligent system!

Window coverings have powerful shading functions, which are undoubtedly unmatched by curtains. However, looking at the window decoration and sunshade products on the market, most of them are simple and modern shapes, which have limited decorative effect on the space compared with curtains with considerable soft decoration strength. Although European and American lifestyles are ahead of us, American consumers still prefer to use curtains for this reason.

In fact, curtains and window shades are not incompatible. More and more families will combine the two. A classic solution is to use wooden blinds with a layer of traditional fabric curtains on the outside. In this way, the wooden blinds can finely adjust the light and create a soft diffused light, while the curtains shoulder the task of shading and decoration. Horizontally drawn curtains paired with vertically drawn Roman blinds are also a common design.

In addition, Roman shades, which combine the benefits of window shades and curtains, are also a popular solution. At present, many families go to the fabric store to select fabrics and make them into the form of Roman blinds. It does not occupy the window space, and can better adjust the space lighting. Using home textile fabrics as curtain materials does not lose the decorative properties of the fabrics themselves.

UV shielding, heat preservation and energy saving, electric control

First of all, window shades can be better adapted to local conditions. The window shade system is simple in shape, does not take up space, and is not as “heavy” as curtains. Generally speaking, curtains are more suitable for floor-to-ceiling designs. For the windows hanging in the middle of the wall, the curtains are very inconvenient to use and may affect the appearance. Such window structures are more common in some small and narrow small apartments, and it is difficult to use curtains. At this time, according to the window size Size, tailored window shades. In addition, New Express reporter learned that most of the window shades on the market have manual and electric. As long as a motor is simply installed, electric remote control can be realized, and even combined with the intelligent system of the whole house to realize an integrated intelligent space and enter the future life early.

Furthermore, window shades also have the “humanization” skills that traditional curtains can’t match. Energy saving is one of the major advantages. The honeycomb curtain in the window decoration has a hollow structure, which can reduce the heat exchange between inside and outside, achieve thermal insulation effect and reduce space energy consumption. There are also some honeycomb curtains with metal surfaces inside, which can block the ultraviolet light in the sun to a certain extent, avoid long-term sun exposure and cause the aging of furniture and wallpaper, and prolong the service life of home space.

Post time: Jul-01-2022
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